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An album is a chance for an artist to showcase their range of talents through a musical journey, and Vintage & Morelli took that chance very well with My Enchanted Rose Destiny (out now via Silk Music).

For his debut album, Mr. Cubric is just as comfortable with laying down an irresistible 4/4 groove as he is communicating his story in the delicate, downtempo moments. He is eager to step across the boundary lines of genres—and that’s because he does it so well. Whether it’s liquid drum n’ bass in the excellent title track, a venture into electro-pop with Nina Schofield in “We Are Future,” progressive house with “Sweet Surrender,” and dancey deep house with “Allure,” all should be not-so-secret weapons within their respective genres.

Vintage & Morelli also loves throwing elements of multiple genres into one song, including a tech feel into the slow progressive house burner “Lullaby” or some breakbeat in the progressive trance cocktail “Afterglow.” One of his best talents is shown in the tricky progressive house drops in the uplifting “Desire” and lead single “Daydream,” the warped genre transition in “Afterglow,” and the sublime drum fill of “My Rose Enchanted Desire.” He’s mastered the unconventional, surprising-yet-not-awkward drop; each one is different, but just as effective as the last. The best quality of his songs, though, is his emotional depth–from enthralling, epic moments to intimate ones, noted within and across every song.

My Rose Enchanted Destiny maintains a solid maturity not shown by many debut albums in the electronic realm. Cinematic, effusively emotional, and quite frankly brilliant, we could not ask for a better introduction than Vintage & Morelli’s debut effort.

Purchase the album here and stream it below.


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