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Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox DJ performance software has received an update, bringing it to version 4.1 with a wealth of new features.

rekordbox 4.1’s biggest upgrade is the addition of the rekordbox dvs Plus Pack (sold separately), which adds low-latency scratch control via rekordbox Control Vinyl. The DVS software incorporates the same audio processing engine as Pioneer DJ’s CDJ setup, promising high quality sound with highly responsive, lightweight Control Vinyl. Additionally, rekordbox dvs can be used in conjunction with all of the company’s existing DVS-compatible mixers and controllers, allowing for easy integration into your setup.

DJs can head to to download rekordbox 4.1, with purchasing options including a one-time charge of $129 or a subscription for $9.90 per month. rekordbox dvs is included with all subscription plans and is available as an add-on for the full version for $99, with Control Vinyl now available at For DDJ-RZ users, the controller is now bundled with both rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs.

Key features of the update are below.

1. Low latency DVS control of rekordbox dj with excellent sound quality
rekordbox dvs will give highly responsive vinyl scratch performances with music in your rekordbox library. We’ve used the same audio signal processing that you’ll find in our pro-DJ mixers and players to ensure the highest sound quality. And we’ve finely tuned the software so it instantly reads the Control Vinyl’s time code to deliver low latency response you can count on.

2. Absolute and Relative Modes:
· Absolute Mode: replicate the experience of scratching with traditional vinyl.
· Relative Mode: access digital features such as Hot Cues and Sync, and scratch freely – regardless of where the needle is on the Control Vinyl.

Plus, you can use rekordbox MIDI Learn to assign features to your controller for even more flexibility, while keyboard shortcuts give you quick access to Hot Cues and other tricks straight from your laptop.

3. Auto configuration makes set-up quick and easy
Simply connect compatible equipment and press the button. Or you can tweak your settings in the Preferences screen so you’re ready to play in seconds.


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