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Update your at-home production setup with Pioneer DJ’s new DM-40 Desktop Monitor Speakers, due out this June.

The active speakers are the latest from the brand and aim to offer a versatile option for all of your production needs, with a rich, balanced sound that works for DJing and producing as well as general playback. The compact speakers are equipped with technology from Pioneer’s TAD pro-audio sub-brand and its BULIT Series studio monitors, bringing a front-loaded bass reflex system to deliver a tight bass kick. The unit’s soft dome tweeters with DECO convex diffusers can produce a 3D stereo sound for clear, energetic sound for both DJ and production applications.

Input-wise, the DM-40s feature RCA and stereo mini-jack connectors for easy hook-ups to DJ and production kit. The key features of the DM-40s are below. For more information, go to

1. Front-loaded bass reflex system with grooves for an uninterrupted, rich bass
The DM-40s’ 4-inch fiberglass woofers output bass from the front, and the bass ducts feature grooves to reduce air friction – so you’ll feel a tight, punchy bass even if you put the speakers close to the wall.

2. Soft dome tweeters with convex diffusers deliver a 3D high frequency sound
The ¾-inch soft dome tweeters are fitted with convex diffusers that use DECO technology from TAD Labs. The diffusers channel high frequencies left, right and up – so users can enjoy a wide sweet spot and 3D stereo sound wherever they sit or stand.

3. Class AB amp and time alignment ensure balance across the frequencies
The tweeter and woofer are carefully positioned to eliminate crossover and ensure a well-balanced response across the frequencies, while a Class AB amp ensures perfect clarity with low-distortion and no loss of quality.

4. Curved front edges reduce resonance for a clean sound
The cabinet’s curved front increases its rigidity and reduces external diffraction – not to mention, it looks sleek in any home set-up.

5. Other features
· Volume control dial is on the front panel for ease of use
· RCA and stereo mini jack inputs
· Headphone output


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