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There aren’t many DJ duos riding quite as high as The Golden Pony.

The New York City-based pair has made a name for itself since 2014 with a seemingly endless series of intensely musical remixes and bootlegs of acts like Lana Del Rey, The Chainsmokers, and Simon & Garfunkel. Now with a series of rich, soulful deep house originals like “Die Inside Your Dance” and “Don’t Make Me Wait” under their belts, the boys are force to be reckoned with on any sound system.

The duo is comprised of members Thomas Murphy and Timothy Monkiewicz, the latter of which served as one-third of the founding trio of Brooklyn’s BangOn party series (alongside Brett Herman and Gene Bradley).

This weekend, The Golden Pony will take to the decks of the brand’s annual Warehouse of Horrors event, which promises two stages, a silent disco, human bowling, an all-star lineup featuring J.Phlip, Will Clarke, and Ardalan, and much more for its 2016 installment on October 29. Grab tickets here.

To get you riled up for their set this weekend, the boys are taking you back to the Playa with the premiere of one of their live sets from this year’s Burning Man. Loaded with hair-raising weapons like Traumer’s “Hoodlum,” Santé & Sidney Charles’ “Blade,” and more, it’s a transcendental house ride primed for your office or your next pregame.

Burning Man is one of our favorite places to DJ.  When your crowd is half-naked, wearing big smiles, and ready to dance their faces off to your jams, you really can’t complain!  The crowd at Miki Mau on Thursday afternoon seemed particularly amped to dance, so we dropped some dirty tech-house grooves with some funky percussion and deep basslines.

-The Golden Pony

Catch The Golden Pony on tour at the dates listed below and head to their Facebook for more information.

October 28: LA: ABunDance Neverland Halloween
October 29: Chicago: 203 Fear Street
October 29: Brooklyn: BangOn!NYC “Warehouse of Horrors”
November 11: New Orleans: Rave of Thrones


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