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If you’ve ever dreamt of going to the legendary Berghain in Berlin but have no desire to get up off your couch, boy do we have a Kickstarter for you!

Dubbed Berghain: ze Game, the card game is described as “a game for 2-6 players about getting in” and references the stories of notoriously strict bouncer at the club’s door. During the game, players will each take turns as Berghain’s bouncer while the rest of the group will each aim to build the best collection of Guest Cards in order to gain entry to the club.

With Guests like Ketamine Fiend, Gimp, Tourist, Leather Daddy, Fuccboi, and Blogger all in the 105-card deck, Berghain: ze Game is a tongue-in-cheek ode to the internet’s favorite techno institution.

Clubbers who want to grab the game for their future pregames can back Ninja Print’s ongoing Kickstarter campaign to get the card sets created. Users who back $2 or more will receive a printable version of the game, while the rest of the pledge rewards scale all the way up to $300-plus.

As of press-time, there are 29 days to go on the Kickstarter campaign, so head here for more information.


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