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It’s not too often where we see Skrillex fly under the radar, but when he does, it usually means he’s up to something. Well, the electronic dance music icon’s name has been floating around quite a bit the past 24 hours because not one but two of his latest collaborations have surfaced.

It was a good run.

Not only did the news of his collaboration with Justin Bieber’s songwriter Poo Bear get confirmed through a series of tweets, but the BBC Radio 1 Music Bot went ahead and leaked the title of a monster collaboration with Oshi and Sober Rob that goes by the name of “Triumph.”

Where would the bot get this type of information you ask? Safe to say Oshi’s Diplo & Friends mix on BBC Radio 1 from Saturday night might have had something to do with it.

We have only received one track from Skrillex so far in 2017 (“Chicken Soup” with Habstrakt) but that all looks to change relatively soon.

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