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Considering both of Ferry Corsten and Paul Oakenfold are legends in the world of electronic dance music, it’s hard to believe that they have NEVER collaborated at any point throughout their storied careers. However, that is no longer the case.

Corsten recently launched UNITY concept with the purpose of bringing together electronic music’s biggest names to collaborate on music together, one of this being the English icon that is Paul Oakenfold to bring us “A Slice of Heaven.”

With the release of With “A Slice of Heaven,” the two producers have decided to partner with VH1’s Save The Music Foundation to add support to the organization’s Music Tech Grant program. To date, VH1’s Save The Music Foundation has donated $53 million worth of new musical instruments and equipment to more than 2,000 public schools across the USA.

Oakenfold explains, “Myself and Ferry have long spoken about getting together to work on music, and with the benefits of providing children with more opportunities to be educated through music it was a no-brainer to finally make it happen.”

Take a listen to this historic collaboration below.

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