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Daft Punk finds their name in the headlines once again, but unfortunately, it’s nothing about the French during making their return.

In a recent interview with Song Exploder, Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler stated that Daft Punk member Thomas Bangalter “doesn’t actually really like electronic music.”

“You would think that Thomas is all about electronic music, [but] he doesn’t actually really like electronic music.”

Butler had spent some time with Bangalter in Daft Punk’s studio while working on the band’s 2017 album Everything Now, describing it as “one of the last vintage, 70s analogue studios.”

While this might come as a surprise to most, I’d like to assume the French legend isn’t a fan of the modern wave of “EDM” similar to how the legends of hip-hop aren’t too fond of the records that are dominating the airwaves today.

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