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Atlantic City, N.J. – DJ Expo is set for Aug. 13-16 at Harrah’s Atlantic City. The show will offer the DJ industry’s largest exhibit hall, sponsored evening entertainment and 30 seminars, panels and keynotes. Just-announced party highlights include:

“Pre-2K Kick-Off Party” at The Pool at Harrah’s.

Set for Expo’s opening night, Aug. 13, this retro-flavored throwdown at Harrah’s indoor topical oasis will feature the best music from a bygone era – ’90s hip-hop, ’80s dance, ’70s disco and Prince! Hosted by Jake Jacobsen, the event will launch Expo week in a big way.

“Entertainer of the Year 2018” Competition.

On Aug. 15 at Haven Nightclub in the Golden Nugget,

the annual event will bestow awards to the Best of the Best of America’s Mobile-DJ Nation. Hosted by Jake Jacobsen, this year’s show will feature new, exciting routines, games and dances. With exacting new judging criteria, expect competitors to ramp up their games in an evening that’s sure to raise the roof.

New DJ Expo Sessions include:

“Going Full-Time: Making the Transition/Taking the Plunge.” Are you a part-time DJ looking to go full-time? Seeking bigger, greener pastures? Well, almost all DJs start as part-time DJs – Jason Klock certainly did. But now he’s a successful full-timer and, in this informative DJ Expo session, the Klock Entertainment founder will reveal the tactics he employed – and the mistakes he made – in making his full-time DJ dream come true.

“Wedding-DJ Tips: Creating Unique Moments That Last a Lifetime.” Every wedding DJ says, “I make them dance!” But let’s get real – all DJs do that. What’s really important is making these events genuinely memorable to clients and guests alike. So, how does a DJ accomplish that every time? In this illuminating seminar, Fox Feltman of BTA Entertainment opens up about the unique things that DJs can do to create magical moments – things that happen between the dancing – that people will never forget.

“Talking Tax: How DJs Can Take Advantage of the New Tax Law.” Are you still confused by America’s new tax laws? And just what do these changes mean for professional DJs? How can you benefit? Jerry Bazata of DJ Jaz Music & Entertainment is also a financial advisor and a regular DJ Expo speaker. In this informative session, he’ll explain best practices in making the new tax law work for you.

“How to Be the Difference Maker.” In his 35-plus years DJing, Mike Wieder from Ultimate Sounds Entertainment has performed at thousands of events, created a lot of moments and made tons of memories. Along with all the successes, he’s also made just about every mistake possible. In this forthcoming seminar, Wieder will present a blueprint for transforming generic DJs into genuine entertainers. “I look at things that have always been done a certain way,” he says, “and I try to put a creative spin on them.” Hear how he makes it happen.

“Weddings & More: Tips to Help You Crush Your Next Event.” Nick Spinelli of SCE Event Group and the author of “Wedding DJ Tips” will deliver a slew of useful advice on rocking the party. Topics include: Wow to organize requests; Why a live mix during dinner works; First-dance sets; Special dance cues; Dispensing with gimmicks & more.

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