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What would your summer soundtrack sound like without a new one from Hotel Garuda? Thankfully that’s not something we have to worry about following the release of their latest original, “Blurry Eyes.”

Joining forces with Illenium and Seven Lions collaborator, RUNN, their latest offering may seem like a glittery and invigorating single but it actually tells the tale of the tiring struggle most touring artists battle every day, the blurred lines of continually being in and out of cities, friendly faces coming and going, and life on the road as a whole. It isn’t easy.

“We toured so much last year that we ended a lot of nights feeling disconnected from our friends and partners, and sometimes from ourselves. Going into this year we really wanted to make our mark with original work that spoke not only to our influences but to our experiences as well. Our first session this year was with RUNN and co-writer David Pramik, and sharing our experiences with them was a great way for us to channel our lives into music. We can’t thank both of them enough for being part of our musical journey,” said Hotel Garuda.

Runn adds, “We totally dove deep into the lyrics and found something that we all really resonated with – that the lifestyle of a touring musician is such an insane one but at the end of the day it’s all to share a little bit of our hearts with our fans. We all would be nowhere without the people who sing along, who show up, so no matter how messy and blurry we get, the focus is always there.”

Dive into Hotel Garuda’s infectious single with RUNN below.

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