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With one of our favorite festivals on the horizon, Salt Lake City’s Das Energi, DJ Times has taken to the time to chat with someone who has become quite familiar with the festival and Utah’s blossoming electronic dance music scene, Fransis Derelle.

Being a native of the “Beehive State,” Fransis has seen the scene begin to thrive in addition to witnessing Das Energi evolving into one of the driving forces throughout the summer festival circuit with this year curating it’s biggest lineup to date which features industry heavyweights deadmau5 and Kaskade.

Being one of the hottest up-and-coming names in the bass music scene, Fransis will once again be gracing the stage of Das Energi so it only seemed right that we got the inside scoop on what exactly Utah has to offer for all those unfamiliar from the man himself. Enjoy!

DJ Times: Next month you will be playing the role of hometown hero making an appearance at Utah’s Das Energi, what influence has Salt Lake City had on you as a producer?

Fransis Derelle: Being from Salt Lake, I never felt like I was presented with as much of an opportunity to break through as an artist since the scene wasn’t as big as others. In return, I definitely feel like it has pushed me to work harder and perfect my craft a little more. To be honest, I think being from Salt Lake is the reason I am where I am. I’m not sure if I would have worked so hard if I didn’t have a whole city supporting me for the past several years.

DJ Times: Das Energi has quickly become a force to be reckoned with out West, how has the festival grown over the years?

Fransis Derelle: Oh wow, it has been crazy to see how much it is growing! Going from being a festival with just a few headliners, not nationally recognized, and not one people were talking about to what is now is nuts. The festival now has a load of top acts, people flying in from all over the world, and is getting coverage everywhere. I have soooooo many friends from out of town who now come to Utah just to see this show.

DJ Times: What are some sets you’re looking forward to catching during Das Energi weekend? (why?)

Fransis Derelle: Kaskade, because his music is one of my biggest inspirations. 12th Planet because he is one of the most entertaining performers I’ve ever seen. ATLiens because they have been crushing it. Also, Sharps because his new music is wild.

DJ Times: What’s your personal opinion on the current electronic music scene out in Utah?

Fransis Derelle: I think it’s the best it’s been since I first entered in it. I have watched promoters come and go but V2 Presents has kept the scene growing and continues to provide massive shows for the state.

DJ Times: When were you first introduced to the world of electronic music? What was it about bass music that caught your attention?

Fransis Derelle: I was first introduced to electronic music back in 2008. I overheard “the cool kids” talking about this thing called a rave and it sounded interesting so I convinced 3 of my friends to go with me to one. After that, I was hooked on Benny Benassi, Kaskade, Basshunter, and Deadmau5. I came from a Hip Hop background, so I think it was the heavy bass that kind of stuck with me more than other genres of dance music.

DJ Times: What’s your current studio set up?

Fransis Derelle: My studio is pretty simple. It’s just an iMac, monitors that I really only use for listening, ipod headphones, interface, and currently Monster Energy Drinks and Polynesian Sauce from Chick-Fil-A. Highlight would probably be last two. [laughs]

DJ Times: What can we expect from Fransis Derelle throughout the rest of summer 2018?

Fransis Derelle: I am currently finishing up some of my favorite projects ever so hopefully I get to announce those soon. Other than that a bunch of new music and a few tour dates, including Riot Ten’s Hype Or Die Tour.

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