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Paving his way into the electronic spotlight being one of the most innovative producers in the scene since first popping on the scene back in 2012, Bakermat has simply outdone himself this time around with this latest single, “Partystarter.”

This aptly titled piece of production is cut from the cloth of timeless electronic classics similar to Groove Armada’s “I See You Baby” and Fatboy Slim’s “Rockefeller Skank” with a modern touch making this high-octane tune a bonafide party starter ready to ignite dancefloors across the globe.

“Partystarter is my most experimental track to this date. I’ve never produced a track this fast, loud and heavy before in my life. It came from my burning desire to dive into the studio with real rock artists and create something totally unique, combining elements of Rock, Metal, Hip Hop and dance all together,” Bakermat explains.

“It’s also the first time most of the elements in my song are completely analogue, recorded with imperfections that give it a human touch. For me this track is the ultimate party anthem, something I want to hear when I’m feeling euphoric and want to dance in a crowded room full of equally euphoric people.”

Stream Bakermat’s latest single below.

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