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While some producers may become synonymous with a genre over time, it is always nice to see them hit listeners with a curveball showcasing their versatility. A prime example of this would be BIJOU‘s latest club weapon coming courtesy of Insomniac Records.

Being one of the true driving forces in the G-House landscape, the Arizona native has decided to steer clear of the aggressive nature of the genre this time around serving up an undeniably infectious and dancefloor-friendly house gem. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this one!

“I was going through a tough time in my life when I wrote this record and as always I wanted to express that through my music. Stylistically it’s something that I’ve always wanted to showcase but was never really able to nail in the final product. I believe that this is something where you can’t just sit down and make it, there’s real emotion and heart that goes into this type of song and I wanted the listener to really understand where I was coming from. Memories came from living through those moments and becoming not only a better & stronger person, but learning from those experiences.” As G-House powers forward at a menacing pace, BIJOU is the name on everyone’s lips. Instead of setting the bar for the genre, he only raises it higher. Rather than embracing the standard, he constantly pushes the envelope further with a distinct, robust soundscape all his own,” BIJOU explained.

Take an exclusive first listen to this groovy, feel-good anthem below. To download, click here.