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Just after about a month since its launch, BPM Supreme has announced the latest update to their mobile app with the newest version includes highly requested new search functions, enhanced track information, and more.

Developments in the latest version of the BPM Supreme mobile app include:

Subcategories/subgenres are now available within each ‘Browse’ category and via Advanced Search. This feature is helpful for sorting through BPM

Supreme’s vast library
in order to find specific genres or music styles needed for different occasions.

Search by Key
In addition to adding subcategories to search functions, BPM Supreme has also made it possible to search by key.

Enhanced Track Info
Red tags have been added alongside track information indicating the song category, BPM, key, and the date the track was uploaded to BPM Supreme.

‘Previously Downloaded’ Identifier
A red dot now appears next to track versions that have been previously downloaded. This is a great time-saving tool for BPM Supreme users.

Additional updates
Additional updates include added ‘Play All’ and ‘Shuffle’ buttons to playlists, the ability to restart a track from beginning while it’s playing by tapping the song

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