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The first review I ever wrote for this magazine was over a decade ago now, and while the original draft has long been lost to various computer upgrades and a shift from Windows machines to Macs, I do remember the subject: One of Hercules’ early DJ controllers.

In the 10-plus years since, a lot has changed. Back then, digital DJ controllers were not the norm; today, every major name in the DJ space makes one (or two, or a dozen) that are sometimes tough to tell apart. You can even do a passable DJ set on an iPad. Software options are all over the map — and, for a newcomer, it’s as hard as it’s ever been to figure out where to start.

In the Fall of 2018, Hercules’ parent company Guillemot took a stab at addressing that head on with a complete rebranding exercise and a tag line that sums-up Hercules’ new focus: “It’s Your Turn.” According to the company’s press release, its new collective focus is on aspiring DJs, and while that was somewhat readable between the lines in the past, owning up to what they’re working to accomplish makes a lot of sense.

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