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By Leon Mendoza

At last year’s DJ Expo at Harrah’s in Atlantic City, N.J., DJ Rob Peters presented “10 Things You Can Do to Improve as a DJ — Right Now!”

It included some great ideas on easy things that mobile DJs can do to improve their performance and business skills. But Peters, owner of Rob Peters Entertainment from Franklin, Mass., discovered that there are more than just 10 ways to improve — after all, it’s an ongoing process with no finish line.

In fact, even some of the original 10 can apply to other areas of your businesses and performances. For example, the “Three R’s: Review, Remodel & Rehearse” was introduced as a concept that applies to improving your performance skills.  But it can be used as a method to improve your marketing.

As DJs, you are continuous marketing machines. Your performances are the best marketing tools you have. However, in today’s world, we have so many different ways to market our DJ services, and the online world is filled with them. There are obvious choices, depending on the focus of your business: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn and more. It’s very easy to get lured into spending money foolishly just to get your company and message out there.

Here’s a Big Tip: If you don’t know what you’re doing with Social Media ads, landing pages or Google Ads, you need to get educated, or better yet, hire a professional.  You can easily spend a lot of money foolishly if you don’t understand how to maneuver through the world of online ads.

But the world of the Three R’s, as it applies to marketing, can be broken down this way:

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