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Jaguar Grace – After All (Dan Thomas Classic Club-124- Dub)

Jaguar Grace – After All (Dan Thomas Classic Club-124- Radio Edit 3.38)

Jaguar Grace – After All (Dan Thomas Classic Club-124 Radio Edit-2.52)

Jaguar Grace – After All (Dan Thomas Classic Club-124)

Jaguar Grace – After All (Dan Thomas Progressive CHILL Video Edit)_128

Jaguar Grace – After All (Dan Thomas Progressive Club mix)_128

Jaguar Grace – After All (Dan Thomas Progressive DUB)_128

Jaguar Grace – After All (Dan Thomas Progressive Half Time Vox)_128

Jaguar Grace – After All (Dan Thomas Progressive Radio Edit)_128

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From Jaguar’s 2018 release “Boyography, Pt.1”, her song “After All” gets the Royal Remix Treatment by UK’s brilliant Dan Thomas with Classic Club and Progressive House Club, Dub and Radio mixes. There’s also a CHILL half time vocal Progressive House mix.


The release of “After All” from singer-songwriter Jaguar Grace (born Janice Grace) marks the debut of Janice’s alter-ego and a return to her foundational identity. “I had to integrate my past releases into my current persona. As a writer, producer and performer I’m more mature, courageous and wiser.”


The New York artist has had an accomplished career in music outside of the pop realm, but no matter how far she journeyed beyond the firmament of the pop world, some infectiously hooky songs she wrote two decades ago continued to beckon. Now, she has resurrected this exquisite collection of orchestral pop electronica for a new audience.


Today, Jaguar embraces the full range of her musical continuum which spans the sacred to the secular, from playing organ in stone cold churches to heating up dancefloors with her smoldering pop songcraft. Fans of Janice Grace, please meet Jaguar Grace. Fans of Jaguar Grace, please meet Janice Grace. The veil is lifted.


The Janice Grace catalog has been defined by dance heavy pop gems. Since 2000, Janice Grace has released singles and performed in a variety of NYC’s most venerated venues. Marquee entries in the Janice Grace body of work include a bevy of imaginative remixes of the tracks “Geisha Girl,” “Wanna Be Beautiful,” “Frequency,” and “Save The Planet,” featuring David Bowie band members Earl Slick, Sterling Campbell, and Gail Dorsey.  The track was also remixed for the dance floor by Grammy Award-winner Dave Aude, Tony Bella and Mark Picchiotti.


Under the spell of a new muse, Jaguar turned her back on classical music to focus solely on pop, immersing herself in contemporary songwriting, singing, producing and engineering. This mercurial musicality would be a hallmark of her career. “I get deeply engrained in a genre, and then need an extreme change to combat boredom and learn something new,” she confesses.


More remixes from “Boyography, Pt.1” are on the way….