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All business owners have challenges, but DJ-business owners have unique ones: You’re part-business owner, part-entertainer, which means a lot of your business relies on your performance ability – and the ability to train your staff to perform, too.

We spoke to several members of the New Jersey Disc Jockey Network and asked them about their business challenges. Rich Kaufman from Rich Kaufman Productions in Howell, N.J., says one of his biggest challenges is related to the “day of.”

Says Kaufman: “How do I make this experience for my crowd memorable, cathartic, fun, and also get them to see music from my point of view? What can I do to make things ‘bigger’ or ‘more’? How can I do better for this crowd and this moment?”

Kaufman says he practices and talks with as many DJ- friends as he can and shares experiences, song sets, and equipment information.

But he says another challenge is communicating with clients and team members using ever-changing technology. “If you use emails and phone calls, that’s one thing,” he says, “but I have young staffers, each of whom has taken on part of this ever-changing technology. One will work my Instagram, another Facebook or Twitter.” He says that using staff gives them a sense of responsibility and ownership. “They feel part of the company,” he says, “and it also shows them how much you value them.”

Bob Morgan at BME Event Group in Vineland, N.J., says his No.-1 challenge has not changed in years: “People shopping by price still,” he says. “It’s a full-time job trying to educate the client on the benefits of a legit, experienced reliable company. Sometimes you never even get the chance to explain. They just want a price without giving us any information, such as location, type of event and times.”

His second-biggest challenge is keeping up with changing demands for modern couples. “What worked a few months ago might not necessarily work today,” he says. “You have to stay on top of things if you want to stay in business.”

How does Morgan deal with these challenges? “Keep attending seminars and meetings to stay relevant,” he says.

Booking more business is a frequent challenge – it is for DJ Kris Szanto in Atco, N.J., who “is always trying to keep up with different types of social media and learn how to effectively use them” to book more gigs. “I watch a lot of YouTube advice and instruction, too.”

Mike Demby, aka DJ Demby from Jersey City, says his challenges are fairly common ones: increasing in-bound leads through marketing with ads and social-media content and getting more clients to consistently understand his value, thus leading to more call-backs. How does he face these challenges?

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