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The wait is finally over; this weekend Time Warp returns to New York as the house and techno powerhouse continues its 25th-anniversary celebration!

Undoubtedly electronic music’s most recognized brands and respected curational forces in the world of techno, Time Warp continues to evolve each and every year. Not only showcasing the latest and greatest artists out there but delivering a truly awe-inspiring and unforgettable experience for attendees across the globe.

Before Time Warp invades the New York Expo Center, Pan-Pot, Mind Against, and Avision shared their thoughts on the iconic band and legendary party.

Looking to join in on the madness this weekend? Limited tickets are still available at Act now before’s it’s too late!


Pan-Pot 2019

“Time Warp has contributed a lot to the Techno and House scene over the past 25 years. As one of the strongest brands for high standard Techno events, they have set the bar high and influenced other promoters a lot. The whole Cosmopop team is so passionate, you can really feel they love what they do. Also, you can ask any artist from this business and the answer will remain the same. Time Warp is special. And so is the experience for the crowd.”

How does it feel to be a part of the Time Warp 25th anniversary celebration?

“We really appreciate being part of it and look forward to many more Time Warp editions. It’s really nice to have certain dates over the year you just look forward to as we do to Time Warp.”

Mind Against

Mind Against 2019

“It means a lot. Not many events are running for 25 years! Overtime Time Warp established itself as one of the highest level event worldwide, from the standard of production to the impeccable line ups they’re providing to the crowd. We know that the team behind it is fully dedicated to the crowd experience, bringing people together through music, in an uncompromised way. Speaking of the original Time Warp in Germany, it is now an industry meeting points where artists and their representatives all join for the rave of the year.”

How does it feel to be a part of the Time Warp 25th anniversary celebration?

“We couldn’t be more excited! Although we’ve played other events from the crew that Time Warp originated from, It’s our 1st actual Time Warp event and doing it in NY is great. The city has always been very good to us, following at every step of our career. We can’t wait to bring our sound to the warehouse, backed up with the insane production TW is well known for.”


Avision 2019
Photo By @witness

“Time Warp is always on the cutting edge as far as production, and booking artists. I think a lot of people look at Time Warp as an extremely proper festival that’s all about the music. They do an amazing job of creating a different experience for partygoers.”

How does it feel to be a part of the Time Warp 25th anniversary celebration?

“It’s an honor to me, especially since this is my first Time Warp show, and it’s in my hometown. I’m very humbled to be a part of this.”

Time Warp NYC 2019

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