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For DJs, playing vinyl has become a niche market at this point. Whether it’s Brooklyn, Berlin or L.A., spinning vinyl-only parties are fun, but more of a novelty, compared to the all-vinyl past. Because of this, the choices in DJ-focused cartridge makers is smaller than ever. Lucky for us, the true leader of the pack, Ortofon, remains strong and innovative.

Ortofon’s newest Concorde MK2 series represents a major step forward in design, construction, aesthetics, and it really raises the bar in terms of output, quality, and sound reproduction. Built at the hands of craftsmen in Denmark, these cartridges scream class, and the proof is in the results. Everything has been upgraded from your old, trusted Concordes of the past. DJs get new, rounded contact pins (no licking or pencil eraser needed), a replaceable finger lift, improved internals, and a stylus that “clicks” upon insertion. These are better in every way.

The names of Ortofon’s carts are the same, colors are familiar and value proposition remains – from the entry-level MIX models through the all-purpose DJ series, the spectacular CLUB, sturdy SCRATCH, and DVS-focused DIGITAL, all the bases are covered. Everything has been upgraded.

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