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There is plenty of big news breaking this weekend with NAMM 2020 taking place at Anaheim Convention Center with BPM Supreme getting in on the action with their latest announcement.

The powerhouse music delivery service for professional DJs has revealed they will be launching a new online sample library, BPM Sounds, which is set to go live in summer 2020.

“BPM Sounds is for music makers of all kinds and all skill levels,” said Mike Acosta, Director of Sound Design for BPM Sounds. “Whether you are a turntablist adding a vocal piece into a sentence to scratch with, or you’re a DJ looking to edit a drumbeat to create the perfect tempo, BPM Sounds will have the tools you need.”

BPM Sounds will offer an innovative, userfriendly experience with a vast selection of royalty-free samples, sounds, effects, loops, and one-shots.

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