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For the last few years, I’ve served as a seminar speaker/keynoter at DJ Times’ DJ Expo in Atlantic City. And as anyone who has sat through one of my seminars can attest, SEO is a social science in which many aspire to do well. However, it’s still very much misunderstood by modern DJs looking to maximize their online marketing opportunities.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) overall is a daunting task, with many factors in play. Indeed, there are anywhere between 200 to 300 ranking signals that the master Google rank calculation takes into account at any one time, all with varying degrees of importance (weight). And, Google changes the weights of these factors on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, what you think you know today could be irrelevant tomorrow!

One thing we know for sure, however, is the importance of treating your listing on Google My Business as the primary entry into the SEO effort for your brand/company. Depending on which study you are looking at, your listing on Google My Business (GMB) can account for between 11- to 14-percent of the weight in your rank calculation – a massive portion of your SEO when compared to the weights of other calculation aspects.

With all the new features that Google has put into My Business over the past three years, it’s easy to understand why it’s become the most important factor in your SEO effort. Let’s take a look at what’s under the hood for this most important of SEO work that you or your web professional must handle properly.

● Business Profile
● Reviews
● Photos
● Posts
● 2-Way Messaging
● Connection Reporting
● Google Maps Source
● Increased Search Visibility
● Google Analytics Integration
● Free Website Builder

Business Profile
On the surface, having a properly maintained Google My Business listing helps to get the word out about your brand over all Google properties. Maps, search, photos, reviews – My Business has it all. In comparison testing, engagement with Google My Business was over 49 times the engagement of a LinkedIn Company Page. People will find your brand/business with a proper My Business listing. This just cannot be ignored.

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