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After becoming a household name with the breakout hit “Body” featuring Brando, Loud Luxury looks to dominate the airwaves once again with the uplifting collaboration with CID coming in the form of the title track of their forthcoming EP, “Nights Like This.”

Still buzzing off the release of their lead single “Cold Feet,” the Canadian duo unveils a piano-driven beauty that comes equipped with mellifluous vocals and a thumping bassline making for one infectious, pop-tinged listening experience that has come synonymous with the name Loud Luxury.

“We’re very good friends with Carlos Cid, and one day we said we should make a record together”, explains Loud Luxury’s Joe De Pace. “We worked with Carlos on the track and then he met us on our bus tour, so we actually made part of it on the tour bus.”

“What was funny about that”, adds Andrew Fedyk, “was that that was the last song for the EP, and we wrote that song around the theme of ‘Nights Like This’ because we knew that’s what we wanted to make the tour and the EP about. We were looking for something that touched on that theme and helped to create that world.”

Get the party started with Loud Luxury and CID’s colossal collaboration “Nights Like This” below

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