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The new decade is off to quite the hot start if you’re an Anjunabeats fan with Mat Zo and now ALPHA 9 returning to the powerhouse label with the release of his new single, “Dreams.”

After showcasing his darker side with “Before The Dawn” featuring Kameron Alexander for his last release on the label, “Dreams” is an exhilarating trance anthem coming is one undeniable melodic masterpiece that is primed to dominate festival stages in the coming months.

If you’re a fan of that striking, vintage trance sound, this new single from ARTY‘s alias is guaranteed to tickle your fancy.

“ALPHA 9 is coming back home; to a place where its music always belonged [Anjunabeats]. I’ve been waiting for this week to come for a very long time,” ALPHA 9 says.

Take a listen to Anjunabeats’ latest weapon below.

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