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Looking to stay hot following a steady barrage of singles off his forthcoming debut album FANTASY, Whethan has unveiled his latest offering coming in the form of “Hurting on Purpose” featuring K.Flay.

Still buzzing off the release of his latest single “So Good” featuring bülow, “Hurting on Purpose” serves as a striking, vocal-driven gem that is primed to be a summer staple leading into Whethan’s album release.

“It all started when K.Flay sent me a song three years ago and I really loved the message,” Whethan shared. “I spent the next couple years working on it and perfecting the beat. The song refers to indulging in things like ‘drinking, driving fast, etc.’. Really just indulging in self-damaging behaviors. But ultimately realizing that you are in control of these things that are hurting you and you like it.” Whethan explains.

Stream this electrifying new single below.

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