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We continue to ask DJs how they’re dealing with current mandates for parties and gatherings.

DJ Sticky Boots says he’s fairly lucky in Indiana regarding restrictions, although his company will pay for it in the long run.

“Our local counties also have mask orders, but they’re not really enforceable,” he says. “A total of 250 guests cover all but the largest weddings I’ve got, so I’m back in business for the clients who are comfortable with still having their events.”

Sticky Boots had his first actual wedding of the year 2020 back on June 6, which included only 80 people.

“At that time we were limited to 100 maximum guests, but with more weddings since,” he says. “We’re now doing our part to be safe with wearing masks, taking digital requests, and keeping separate mics on stands for speeches—with sanitization between uses and a sanitizer for anyone that wants it at our DJ booth.

“We’ve also had a lot of weddings postpone as far as 18 more months out. Luckily most of our guests are in fact postponing, and not cancelling altogether, although a few did that as well. They’ve also re-hired us for small backyard celebration, with just 25 people on their actual wedding date in a couple weeks. Our main reception, meanwhile, will be next July with 300+ people.”

Sticky Boots thinks it’s the DJ’s job to enforce any COVID regulations.

“But I’m happy to make announcements as an emcee, to remind people to be responsible and respect social distancing (at the client’s request).”

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