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For any DJ looking to buy a pair of loudspeakers these days, you sure have a lot of choices. As such, there’s a seemingly unlimited number of configurations, set-up types, and personal preferences that make choosing a loudspeaker a daunting task.

Woodinville, Wash.-based Mackie is one brand that has been synonymous with producing high-quality speakers for DJs, bands, venues, and rental agencies. Believe it or not, company founder Greg Mackie was an engineer at Boeing and made audio equipment in his spare time before he left the Seattle-based airplane manufacturer to pursue designing and building pro-audio equipment full-time. His products, mainly mixers, quickly gained a reputation for their quality and reliability, and his brands grew in size and fame.

Monitors and loudspeakers were a natural next step, and Mackie began applying its expertise to developing high-quality and affordable pro-audio loudspeakers for a variety of applications. Its current product portfolio is incredibly diverse: Mackie produces well-respected mixers, loudspeakers, monitors, microphones, interfaces, headphones, amplifiers, power supplies, and much more. All of these products follow Mackie’s time-honored philosophy of providing superior performance at a competitive price.

Mackie’s current speaker portfolio is about as diverse as the types of situations where loudspeakers are needed. The company provides many different options to buyers, as opposed to offering generic one-size-fits all products. This approach means that its products are well-designed for various live-sound applications and perform extremely well in these environments.

Mackie’s DRM Series offers both passive and powered speakers and line-array set-ups for the most-demanding applications. The THUMP series of speakers includes affordable PA systems – including 12-inch and 15-inch speakers and an 18-inch subwoofer – that do not compromise on sound quality and performance. The SRM Series speakers are where magic happens and, as such, they’re some of the industry’s more popular portable loudspeakers.

Mackie stamps the legendary SRM name on its lightweight SRM Portable Series and on its “built-like-a-tank”-certified SRM Professional Series. However, new for 2020, the SRM name is bestowed on three entirely designed-from-the-ground-up speakers: the SRM V-Class.

To build the SRM V-Class, Mackie took its years of building loudspeakers for all sorts of applications to create a high-performance, powered loudspeaker that incorporates top-of-the-line features at under $1,000 per speaker. The SRM V-Class range consists of three models: The SRM210 V-Class features a 10-inch subwoofer; the SRM212 features a 12-inch subwoofer; and the range-topping SRM215 V-Class features a 15-inch subwoofer.

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