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BASSBOSS has officially released the BB15, a powered subwoofer for everyone who wants to add heavy bass to their system, using a surprisingly light and compact cabinet.

This new single 15″ sub makes high-fidelity low-frequency response available in a small package. It transports in smaller vehicles, suits smaller events and more intimate spaces, and provides big-subwoofer output without being intimidating in size or in price.

A powerful, easily portable system for deep bass and superior sound quality, the BB15 offers Plug and Play usage, integrated DSP, and a 2400 RMS continuous amplifier in a compact, lightweight design. At only 21″ x 17″ x 24″ and 70 lbs, it produces surprisingly deep bass for its size. With frequency response to 40 Hz +- 3 dB. Power is provided by a 2400W RMS amplifier with integrated, comprehensive DSP.

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