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After breaking the big news it would be getting released, Rezz‘s latest offering “Orbit” has been unveiled to the world.

Fresh off of revisiting Porter Robinson‘s “shehealseverything,” the Canadian talent adds other eerie yet captivating production to her lengthy discography.

“I made this song a while ago as I was exploring a new tempo, while still keeping an eerie, atmospheric vibe,” REZZ reflects. “I connect with this song more now than ever as I’ve bought a telescope and been gazing at the moon and stars. When I listen to this song I can imagine myself floating in space, and it makes my brain wander. I realize how microscopic we are as humans and how much of a miracle it is that we exist. It allows me to appreciate nature and the beauty of life more often.”

Tap that play button below and take a listen to Rezz’s highly coveted originals below.

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