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While his single “Funny” with Jasmine Thompson is still making the rounds serving as one of the true bright stops during the 2020 pandemic, Zedd is back with his second release of the new decade coming in the form of “Inside Out” alongside Giff.

With music releases being one of the few things to look forward to throughout what has been quite the forgettable year, the bonafide hitmaker delivers another light-hearted pop hit that is primed to dominate the airwaves.

“Today is a big day for me. “Inside Out” is a special song to me and is one of my favorite songs I’ve made in a while. It makes me feel happy, optimistic, hopeful and enthusiastic… all things that I have been lacking throughout quarantine to be perfectly honest,” Zedd explains.

“I started working on ‘Inside Out’ roughly a year and a half ago and I’m incredibly proud for it to finally see the light of day. We are in such a tense state of the world right now; I feel like this song can provide people with a much-needed sense of hope. I always strive to push myself to try new things, musically. With that in mind, this song feels very new but also familiar at the same time.”

Add some serious color to your music library with Zedd’s newest collaboration below.

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