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Just a short month after breaking the news that they’d had been working together, Chris Lake and Armand Van Helden’s highly-anticipated The Answer EP is finally here!

After giving the world a hefty taste of what was to come from the collaboration body of work with the release of the title track of this four-track offering, these house heavy-weights have put their creative minds together delivering an EP that serves as a seamless blend of their production prowess when it comes to the genre.

“‘Why Can’t We See’ gave us our mantra for making the record: love is the answer,” explains Armand Van Helden. “The title track came together so quickly. We just followed the energy in the room.”

The uplifting “Feel So Good” percolates with joy and sensuality and embodies Lake’s approach to making music. He explains, “All I’m really looking for is to get people on the dancefloor, and by the time they finish they realize, ‘Oh, God, my feet really hurt.’ I want them to dance and let go and feel good.”

Get your groove on with their The Answer EP below.

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