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One of several new remixes of classic Above & Beyond tracks to emerge as part of the 20 Years of Anjunabeats celebrations, Oliver Heldens‘s remix “Thing Called Love” has arrived!

Making its debut during the trio’s Group Therapy 400 live stream in September, the Dutch talent delivers an exhilarating and uplifting club-ready rendition of the iconic anthem to celebrate the tracks’ tenth anniversary.

“I’ve always really admired the guys and what they’ve accomplished with Anjuna and Group Therapy, so it was a great honor and pleasure to remix their iconic ‘Thing Called Love’ anthem, featuring Richard Bedford’s beautiful vocals, for the song’s tenth anniversary. It might sound a bit different than what people would expect from me, but I wanted to keep the trancey vibe of the original alive in this epic new remix. I can’t wait to play this out at festivals when they can happen again! Hope you like it too,” Heldens explains.

Stream Oliver Heldens’ remix of Above & Beyond’s “Thing Called Love” featuring Richard Bedford below.

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