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On Valentine’s Day, Alesso and Armin van Buuren took to social media to tease that their first-ever collaboration was on its way. We’ll today the electronic dance music superstars have unveiled “Leave A Little Love” to the world!

After making fans wait for almost two weeks, their highly anticipated collaboration is here and certainly lived up to all the hype. Each making a name for themselves with their high-energy and uplifting productions, “Leave A Little Love” is a super-catchy dance anthem that fuses elements of pop and house into one radio-ready gem.

“After years of Armin and I sharing festival stages around the world, we decided it was time for us to join forces and write a big dance song for the fans”, Alesso says. “We hope they enjoy it!”

“Everything just came together effortlessly in the studio”, Armin van Buuren adds. “I’m proud that we get to share ‘Leave A Little Love’ with the world today, because everybody deserve a bit of love in their lives.”

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