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When the Coronavirus shut us down, clubs and festivals ceased, and everyone was essentially forced inside with no definitive end in sight, DJ Times wondered: How is our tribe coping? How are DJs getting by?

So, we sent out our “Coronavirus Questionnaire” to DJ/producers from all musical genres to find out. During this period, DJ Times will continue presenting the questionnaire responses from talented music-makers from all over the world. Here’s our latest entry, this time from Miami Beach via Moscow, the emerging melodic-house talent Kate Ozz.

Kate Ozz, Miami, Fla., Soulfooled Records

What’s it like where you’re living? How have you spent most of your time? For me, lockdown was the time to fulfill my musical passions and it gave me the time to find my way into the world of DJing and making music. During this time, I had the chance to dedicate and learn, without any expectations, and to embark on this journey. 

Did you lose income-producing work? I didn’t lose anything because I was never relying on an income from music. I was always passionate about music, but I never planned for music to take over my life. From that point of view, I’m grateful for these very special times to have allowed me to take the time and go for it!

Are you doing anything now that can or will produce music-related income? Have you learned anything in the downtime? I am now 100-percent concentrated on my musical career. Looking for new stimulations, listening to new tracks, digging deep, opening up and investigating sounds and inspirations. I’m still very new, so I will take everything step-by-step.

What are you doing now that’s ultimately constructive to your music life/career? For example, any releases during this period? My debut release recently came out on Soulfooled Records, the “Venus Rising” EP. This was just released alongside a beautiful remix by Ivory.

My next release is not so far away and will be released on one of my favorite labels, Disco Halal. This will be accompanied by a true gem – a remix by the label boss Moscoman.

Have you done anything online recently? Have you seen any DJ video streams that impressed you? This live-stream mix I made was done this past September on one of my favorite spots in Miami. I know streams are a way our scene is trying to cope with this weird situation of not being able to meet the fans on the dancefloor. I don’t think there are better streams or less exciting ones. I find it interesting to look at many angles and see what I can learn from each. I love to discover new music usually played by veterans, it enriches my DJing abilities and the way I look at the art of DJing.

Any theme tunes recommended for the moment? The Juan Maclean Edit of Exile/Rollover DJs’ “I Want to Kiss You All Over.”
Any advice on staying sane & relatively positive through this situation? What works for me? I do yoga three times a week and work out three times a week. I try to stick to healthy foods, although I do know when to enjoy food and good drink when the time is right.

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