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Certainly never one to shy away from the sounds of the underground, Insomniac has announced the launch of Factory 93 Records, a new record label joining the Insomniac Music Group family.

Getting off the ground as a warehouse series in 2016, the launch of Factory 93 was aimed to retell the story of its origins in hosting historic parties in the streets of Los Angeles and has now coming full circle with a label that will showcase the sounds all things house and techno.

“Factory 93 represents the beginning of Insomniac. Underground dance music will always be the roots of everything we do. Factory 93 is a very passionate part of the Insomniac portfolio worldwide, which makes this new record label even more exciting for us,” says Pasquale Rotella, Insomniac’s Founder and CEO. “With the addition of Factory 93 Records, our team will be able to carry over its vision from the live events side into a carefully curated catalog we can’t wait for you to hear.”

Stay tuned for details regarding the Factory 93 Records roster and forthcoming releases. For more information about everything Factory 93, visit

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