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SLANDER has returned to their recently minted Heaven Sent imprint with a new collaboration alongside Synymata called “When I’m With You” and it’s a beauty!

No strangers to cooking up melodic masterpieces that leave listeners caught up in their emotions throughout the listening experiences, “When I’m With You” is another stellar addition to their arcenal coming equipped with lamenting lyrics alongside sweeping synths.

Of the collaboration, SLANDER says, “We have been wanting to work with Synymata for a while now! He’s an incredible up and coming producer who we have big plans for on Heaven Sent. We are super happy with how the song finally shaped up. It evolved a couple times and we hope the final version connects with as many people as possible. Shout out to neverwaves for absolutely crushing the vocal and really bringing the emotion of the song to the next level.”

“‘When I’m With You’ is an ode to dream love. A story of a soulmate who visits you in your sleep. It’s that feeling when you meet the perfect one for you, and the ensuing frustration and lament of not being able to find them in real life,” shares neverwaves about his lyrics. “They haunt you with their perfection. But the experience of them is so intense, so palpable, that you are utterly convinced you will one day find them. Life will never be the same until you are united.”

Sit back, relax and dive into “When I’m With You” below.

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