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Hot on the heels of last month’s “Learn To Love Again,” the melodic mastermind Audien has struck again with this release of his newest offering, “Blue.”

No stranger to serving up vocally-driven, emotionally charged productions, the Grammy-nominated talent delivers a truly captivating, feel-good tune engineering a gem of a production that reflects on the pain of saying goodbye.

“‘Blue’ is beyond a special song to me. I was talking to my now-girlfriend on the phone, going through some amazing demos, and ‘Blue’, which was just a vocal over guitars, came through the speakers. She immediately told me “NATE.. that song..” and we fell in love with it. I like to think the song brought us together. When I finished producing it, she would blast it in the car and send me videos of her singing it. Although it was the song that brought us together, the meaning of the song is quite dark and melancholic. The nocturnes captured that emotion, that feeling of loss, perfectly. Let it be known that this is another song that brings those feelings to the forefront. It’s important to feel them, not hide them,” Audien explains.

Sit back, relax and enjoy Audien’s striking new single “Blue” below.

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