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Wasting no time after dropping “Better Without You” with JT Roach, Crankdat has followed up his melodic masterpiece with a colossal collaboration alongside Ace Aura for “The Feeling.”

Crankdat shares, “Very excited to finally drop this tune! I wrote this song about me and my girlfriend’s cat – momo – who really hates kisses. This inspired the hook “you don’t have to love me.” Don’t tell him the song is about him, his ego is already too big. Working with Eric (Ace Aura) was really cool. We talked about collaborating and I sent him a demo that I was stuck on and had shelved. He took the track and gave it everything that it needed and added some really cool sounds! He is a super talented producer and an exceptional sound designer – I’m glad to have made such an awesome record with him!”

Ace Aura adds, “Crankdat added a few songs of mine to a Spotify playlist of his and tagged me on Instagram. We then messaged back and forth a bit, and before long “The Feeling” was born! It was super fun to work on and I hope you all enjoy it!”

Tune into Crankdat and Ace Aura’s “The Feeling” by smashing that play button below. Enjoy!

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