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Being on quite the hot streak of late when it comes to releasing new music, LP Giobbi has returned with a new release teaming with LGTBQ artist and one of the fastest rising stars in house music, Kaleena Zanders, for “Carry Us.”

Arriving as Pride Month continues on, this soulful, piano-lead production is primed to be a joyous dance anthem well throughout the summer and beyond.

“This track took several iterations to get to where it is today because we wanted to find the best way to support the powerful message the song invokes and create a space where Kaleena’s unmatched vocal could radiate in the song,” says LP Giobbi. “Watching her create, produce and write was a magical experience for me because it felt like it came from a place beyond this world. It pushed me to step up and meet her to try as best as I could to create a track from which her message could soar. As a human and friend, Kaleena always makes me think deeper, focuses me to be present and reminds me what is important in this life and the creation of this song represents that.”

“As soon as we entered the studio for the first time together, LP & I knew we’d make something special,” adds Kaleena Zanders. “We went in with no boundaries and a pure love for soul music. Over time, we developed a strong bond & our bond inspired me to write lyrics about friendship and having each other’s back, always. Ultimately, this song is intended to invoke the feeling of being supported through thick and thin.”

Stream this uplifting collaboration from LP Giobbi and Kaleena Zanders below. Enjoy!

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