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If you’re looking to spice things up as we welcome the new week, Nitepunk‘s latest mind-bending weapon “MTV” is one tune you need to hear!

Channeling the intense cluster of emotions felt during peak pandemic, the Brooklyn native’s “MTV” serves as a fiery rap-fueled, trap-tinged barrage of bass that was bred to set speakers ablaze.

“For ‘MTV,’ I wanted to show pure joy and freedom, not only through the music, but through the visual elements that go with the track,” says Nitepunk. My friends dancing on the rooftop, listening to music we love, remembering what it feels like to be alive. It’s easy to forget when there’s so much negativity around to consume. This is a reminder to dance and let loose when the time calls for it.”

Feel the fury of one of Nitepunk’s most defiant pieces of production below and enjoy!

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