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When it comes to the sunkissed days of summer, nothing hits quite like house music with LUCATI‘s new double-sided single, “Take Me Away / Kol Me” is a must-add to any party playlist going forward.

Making some serious waves throughout the past three years with a number of strikingly impressive releases, the L.A-based phenom aims to lights up the dancefloor now they are reopening across the globe with two blistering originals. Connecting with Steven Klavier on the soulful offering “Take Me Away” and delivering a booming tech house weapon coming in the form of “Kol Me,” LUCATI proves once again to be a force to be reckoned with.

“LUCATI sent me this demo back in February while I was living in SXM,” says Steven Klavier. “I fell in love with the grooviness of it immediately and I feel like it fully captured the feeling I had at the time of living on the beach during my Covid exile. The song is about totally submitting to love and letting it take you away.”

“‘Take Me Away’ is special to me,” adds LUCATI. “It’s about love at first sight, but not love for the first time. It’s about having loved someone before and now loving someone new again. With it, comes all the struggles and joys that love has in store for us. A sweet remembrance of what once was, and now the somber outlook of what’s to come. It’s a delicate sound with an intricate message that most of us have had the pleasure of feeling. Excited to have Insomniac’s blessing and I’m very thankful of them for believing in my musical range. Wouldn’t have it anywhere else.”

See what all the hype is about surrounding LUCATI by checking out “Take Me Away / Kol Me” below and enjoy!

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