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It’s party time! We asked DJs “how does it feel to be DJing again — and once again earning money?” DJs, in their own words:

DJ Chris Ruelas, CR PRO, California
We’re doing great, but some events were re-scheduled dates. So I’ve been carrying events around since 2019-2020.

Brian Howe, Colorado DJ Entertainment, Loveland, Colorado
We had 0 to 100 almost overnight since restrictions were gone.

Nick Logan, New Zealand
Here in New Zealand, we’ve effectively been covid-free for a year now. The first big lockdown was at the end of our summer—the end of wedding season. Thankfully all restrictions were ended before the following aping (September 2020). Apart from a couple of minor week-long restrictions, we’ve been very lucky and privileged here.

Ryan RAC McDonald, Mac Events, Indiana
I’ve been going strong since March and living every minute of it. I fantastically love helping people deliver their visions, and it’s interesting to see how next year plays out since carrying reschedules from 2020.

Angela Montgomery Carter, The Lady DJs, Shelbyville, Kentucky
During the pandemic I decided to go out on my own, and it’s been a blessing in disguise. I’m up to 16 weddings this year and 14 other gigs. Before I might have done three or four weddings and then a karaoke gig three or four times a month.

Jesse Swanson, Chaos Productions, Omaha, NE
In my location we’ve been back doing weddings since May 22, 2020. There were restrictions, but we worked around them to keep the business rolling. The postponements we did have are making this year absolutely insane. But events are up 50% this year.

Gregg Alfonso, Allstar Entertainment, New Jersey
It feels great to be gigging again. We’ve been back to full-steam since late March, averaging 4-5 weddings a week. The money is great and much needed.

Scott Rosenthal, Cape Tunes, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
It’s beyond crazy, as the energy level has been completely insane. Gigging again has reinvigorated me and reminded me how much I love doing what I do. The last year has been VERY tough … I never realized how much I made until I stopped making it. I’m going to be a lot smarter with my financial plan.

Chuck, Spectrum Mobile DJ, Northern California
My first event was an 8-hour Indian wedding and I did a corporate karaoke show that was fun too. I have a wedding this Saturday and it is good to be back. I look forward to a strong rest of 2021.

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