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After over four long years of waiting, TRUTH has officially broken the news of the forthcoming album with the release of its lead single “Pages” and this bad boy might just blow your speakers!

The New Zealand dubstep dons are always keeping busy with their weekly mixes and live streams but the duo now looks to make a lasting impression on 2021 following their quarantined year with a cohesive 13-track body of work that has been masterfully crafted as an audio dreamlike journey.

Setting the tone for what’s to come, “Pages” serves as a hypnotizing barrage of bone-rattling bass that falls more into the category of “easy-listening” which still packing a devastating punch in traditional TRUTH fashion.

“‘Acceptance’ is a deeply personal musical experience for us where we have bared far more of ourselves than in previous albums. It’s more of a piece that says who we are. We chose ‘Pages’ as the lead track because it embodies everything about this release that we are proud of. It’s poignant and nostalgic, while also existing in a dreamlike, lush, yet slightly eerie space. With this track we hope to evoke in the listener that feeling that you get when you come across a long-forgotten memory,” TRUTH explains.

Dive into TRUTH’s new single “Pages” below.

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