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If you’re looking to give your speakers a run for their money, Gammer and Riot Ten have always one you can depend on to put even the highest of quality systems to the test but now they’ve joined forces to cook up “NGMF” so no speaker (or headphone) is safe.

Both being the textbook definition of bass enthusiasts, their fiery new collaboration is an exhilarating fusion of dance and dubstep with each of their signature sounds seamlessly blending together making for the ultimate rollercoaster of a listening experience which is sure to do damage wherever it may make an appearance in a club or festival setting. Talk about the ultimate adrenaline rush!

“Gammer and I have wanted to work on a track together for the longest, but just hadn’t found the right tune. The pandemic really gave us the opportunity to focus on it and as soon as I began the project, I knew it was the one. After countless session transfers, we had a certified rager on our hands. We NGAMF and we hope you don’t either!” Riot Ten explains.

Take a listen to this blistering barrage of bass coming in the form of Gammer and Riot Ten’s “NGMF” below. This colossal collaboration serves as the second single off of Gammer’s forthcoming EP which is set to be released on Dim Mak. Enjoy!

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