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DJ Jason Jani says he has found a way to reach out to web-savvy audiences (let’s call them Millennials) through video testimonials and video blogs, both of which provide potential customers with first-hand views of past clients and the entertainers they would be hiring if they book his Sound Connection DJ Entertainment.

“Blogs are a great way to showcase the events, performances and differences our guys make at our events,” Jani says. “We’ve incorporated video blogs into our main blog [], as well as posting them to our social networking sites, and this has allowed us to bring interested couples or potential clients into our events, so they actually have the ability to see our service offerings and talent.

“We use a lot of videos and images to showcase the vibe and atmospheres created by our firm at events. I personally am very into the presentation and the visualization aspect of the services, so showing people actual footage is a great way to show our services.”

Jani will be speaking about “The Brand of You” at the International DJ expo.

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