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Greece’s party island Mykonos is ready to turn the dial up even further than usual with a particularly notable pair of parties at Cavo Paradiso this week.

While its lineup is positively stacked through September, this week holds a particularly notable pair of events that will satisfy the island’s guests.

magda_ilario_cavoJuly 29 will prove to be a techno holiday that will push clubbers to their brinks (and the early morning). Swiss DJ/producer Magda will join Cocoon Recordings mainstay Ilario Alicante to take partygoers on a musical journey full of 4/4 beats and a plethora of drum grooves. Support for the night will be provided by Cavo Paradiso regular Stathis Lazarides.

zedd_fatboy_cavoThe following night a pair of crossover heavyweights will grace the club’s decks, as dance-pop maestro Zedd will join UK electronic legend Fatboy Slim for an all-night throwdown. Zedd is sure to bring club-primed tracks and edits from his sophomore LP True Colors, while Fatboy Slim is sure to bring the fun that permeates throughout the recently released Fatboy Slim Collection.

DJ Times and ClubWorld will be onsite for all of the madness, so stay tuned to our social channels for a full lowdown on the fun. For more information, head to


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