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Amine Edge & DANCE’s CUFF imprint has become a hotbed for grimy, G-House cuts, and Tim Baresko’s The Beginning EP—out today—represents the latest and greatest from the esteemed label.

The new EP is a corking four-tracker loaded with slick grooves and nocturnal beats, coming on the tail end of a hot streak from Baresko that’s included a killer remix of Gotsome’s “Bassline,” a series of smashing performances at CUFF parties, and support from both Pete Tong and Danny Howard.

To celebrate the EP’s release, DJ Times is exclusively premiering the full-length mix of Baresko’s pulsing “Groove Percussion” from the release. As the title suggests, this one’s all about its nasty percussive break, piling the bright sounds of clapping sticks over the vibe-ridden G-House low-end. You’re sure to be hearing this one in a hazy club sometime soon.

Listen to the track below, grab the EP here, and head to Tim Baresko’s Facebook for more information.


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