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Ex-Moloko front woman Roísín Murphy veered away from the dancefloor when she dropped her long-awaited third LP Hairless Toys earlier this year, but Maurice Fulton has given its track “House of Glass” a groovy remix for its video.

The original mix of the song was a moody tale of Murphy’s university years, with sparse tech-house elements taking listeners on a synth-filled journey of dark nostalgia. For its single release and music video, the track has been given a lo-fi disco rework from Maurice Fulton. Channeling the hazy vibes of a slurry afterhours, Fulton adds a funky bassline and a slight element of camp to the proceedings.

Catch the video for the song—which takes inspirations from the classic film Daisies—below and pre-order the limited edition etched 12” of the single here.


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