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This Saturday, April 8, following a brief international foray into Mexico City, creative production agency MATTE will bring BLACK to New York City for the fourth time. The lineup will be divided between two separate acts of musical performers punctuated by a unique visual art intermission provided by Cocolab, who will be presenting their audiovisual installation ‘White Canvas’ for the first time in America.

Act I will feature music from the visual artist and rapper Tommy Genesis of Awful Records, the Nicolas Jaar-affiliate Valentin Stip, UK grime MC and James Blake collaborator Trim, plus Asmara, the female half of the nguzunguzu duo.

Act II boasts the Berlin-based, moody techno DJ duo Tale Of Us, who recently founded the critically-lauded Afterlife record label. As the headliner of Act II, Tale of Us will be joined by 2016’s BBC Essential Mix winner Midland, and Irish DJ/producer Max Cooper, who will perform a live AV set of his Emergence Live album.

In addition to the music, guests can explore an array of exhibitions and interactive art installations in a one-of-a-kind, elegant venue, which has been relocated from the Brooklyn Hangar to The Grand Prospect Hall (263 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn), described to us as “an opulent, 100,000 square-foot palace from the late 1800’s.” Amongst the carefully-curated artists (selected by Peana Projects) is Hubert Dobler, who will showcase his art installation ´ROUNDABOUT2´, an exploration of technology and art through chainsaws, motorcycles, and concrete drums. Three light installation artists will also be exhibiting at the venue.

Check out the full music and visual artist lineups below, and be sure to grab your tickets here before they sell out, and the lights fade to BLACK

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