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There has been a clear lack of female talent when it comes to electronic festival bookings, and with last year’s HARD SUMMER music festival only featuring five female performers, Gary Richards look to change the landscape during its 10th anniversary this year.

Using the festival’s annual trailer, HARD Events took a satirical, consciousness-raising, pro-women approach pressing the issue while introducing festival goers to GRL PWR.

“I spoke to Gary (Richards) about getting more females on the lineup. He, his team at HARD and I started to put together lists of women we could get for the show but it felt so predictable– a token gesture to have one or two big female headliners. Why did we have such a hard time figuring out who to get other than that? Why were all the new artists being pushed onto Gary from different managements men? Gary started digging deeper and I really respect him for this. He called me and was like ‘Yo, I’m finding so many dope chicks I’ve never even heard of. This is so cool.’ So that became our purpose. Giving the female underdogs a chance which brought us Madam X, Kittens, GG Magree, Cray, Jubilee, J.Worra, Uniqqu3 and others,” said director Agata Alexander.

Check out their hilarious trailer and complete lineup below.

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